My inspiration for Spire

When envisioning a work, in addition to getting a sense of the space, I spend a lot of time thinking of the physical form, the shape that I want to create and how that form interacts within the space.

Spire from below
View of Scale Model

Interior of the Salisbury Cathedral spire
Interior of the Salisbury Cathedral Spire

Although not quite as complex as the interior of the Salisbury Cathedral spire, my work will have a similar feel to that of the wooden frame used in clad spires from the Gothic Era.

And perfectly enough, the Old English root of “spire” means “to sprout.” As you know, I will be constructing my piece from within an abandoned industrial building occupying a central, vertical space throughout three floors. My work will look and feel as if it were sprouting from the basement, growing through the space and eventually shooting through the roof awakening the building with new life.

My inspiration for Spire