Installing Grid Structure #1 in Chicago

The opportunity to present Grid Structure #1 at EXPO Chicago in a different space was very exciting for me and also somewhat challenging. Using the same 22 cubes from the installation at the Bruce Museum, I created the second configuration within Festival Hall at Navy Pier in Chicago.

Light is always of utmost importance to my site-specific pieces and in this case, it was interesting for me to see the piece entirely back-lit. This caused a silhouette of the work to form from one vantage point. From the other sides, the colors were beautifully illuminated and strikingly vibrant.

My other concern was the distance. At the Bruce Museum, there was a very limited distance from which one could view the work. At EXPO Chicago, the space surrounding Grid Structure #1 was much larger and much more open. Within this context, my work takes on a new look, a new personality of sorts.

I really enjoyed working on this new challenge. I have to thank Rachel Kaplan of EXPO Chicago for all of her help with the logistics as well as Tony Karman for bringing the piece here. Additional thanks to Florencia Minniti for her hard work as well.

Alois Kronschlaeger Grid Structure EXPO ChicagoAlois Kronschlaeger Grid Structure EXPO ChicagoAlois Kronschlaeger Grid Structure EXPO Chicago

Installing Grid Structure #1 in Chicago