Testing the first cube at the Bruce Museum

As with any of my works or installations, I generally run a series of tests before making any decisions and it was extremely crucial for me to test this installation for a number of reasons.

For one, I am working on a new scale, with new pieces to the puzzle and I need to make sure that the small cubes will make a big impact when stacked together.

The second reason is that I need to see how the cubes will interact with the mirrored plexiglass we have placed at the bottom of the piece. How will the effect be? How will the various cubes react?

And the third reason – and ultimately the most important to me in any site-specific installation – is the lighting. How do the cubes interact with the light coming in from the window? With the light coming from the lightbulbs? In contrast to the black wall? In reaction to the plexiglass?

Finally, how does it all interact with the existing architecture? I consider all these various components when I create and install a site-specific work so this step is very important and has a direct impact upon the direction of the piece.

Alois Kronschlaeger Bruce Museum

Alois Kronschlaeger Bruce Museum Cube

Testing the first cube at the Bruce Museum

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