Straight to work in Beijing

Florencia and I arrived in Beijing to begin installation of another site-specific work, Multicolored Grid, at the Yuan Art Museum just a couple days after the opening of Untitled (Basin and Range) at MOCA Tucson.

Needless to say, we are exhausted, but we got right to work, getting the necessary supplies for the piece with museum employees, Yu Jia and He Yuxin. They took us to the market where we used our miming and drawing skills to find the correct materials including metal studs and various colors of paint that will comprise the piece. going for the paint

selecting colors 2

colors for paint had been decided    testing the paint at store

Straight to work in Beijing

One thought on “Straight to work in Beijing

  1. Rosemary Sandefer says:

    Looking forward to seeing the project progress as you put it together! My grandson is on the team from GVSU to help……what a privilege for him to be able to help with this!
    Will you post pictures of the process and the completed sculpture?

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