Footprint of Range #3

We have started on Range #3 – the biggest range of the five – for Untitled (Basin and Range) at MOCA Tucson. To create this range, we have mapped out a footprint in the Great Hall and divided the range into three different sections, constructing it in three parts. It will take us seven full days to build Range #3.

The scale model shows the void where Range #3 will go. Henry is laying out the east/west axis (our 0 degrees or Meridian) that divides the range into north and south. In the background, you can see the existing Ranges #1 and #2. We have numbered each grid and will begin installing them in a specific order. Each grid is uniquely cut to fit the variations in the ceiling height. Scale Model of Untitled Basin and Range #3



Footprint of Range #3

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