A very special cupcake surprise

Amidst the installation on Tuesday, in addition to the arrival of my wife, Florencia Minniti, I received another special arrival for my birthday – cupcakes from my gallery, Tierney Gardarin.

As you can see, the grid is rapidly expanding within the Great Hall at MOCA Tucson and I have a new team to help me with this phase of the project. I am feeling very good at the moment about this monumental installation, knowing that I have a great team in Tucson and the full support of my gallery in New York. The cupcake surprise certainly made my day. I have to thank Cristin Tierney and Denis Gardarin for supporting this exhibition and Maria Kucinski for being the magic force to make it all happen. I really appreciate all that everyone has done so far in the process of the project and especially for such a sweet surprise!

Here I am with Henry and my new team is Maximino Zapata, Glenn Benson and Jose Gamez. Cheers!

Cupcakes at MOCA TucsonFlorencia joined in the celebration too!

Birthday at MOCA Tucson

A very special cupcake surprise

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