Congratulations to Cristin Tierney and Denis Gardarin

I am extremely excited to share the news that my dealer Cristin Tierney has partnered with Denis Gardarin to create the Tierney Gardarin Gallery. I am so thrilled to be a part of this exciting new direction for the gallery. As you know, I had my first solo exhibition at the Cristin Tierney Gallery in January of 2011 and have enjoyed the support and guidance Cristin has offered over the past couple of years. I look forward to working with both Cristin and Denis and to what the future holds!

To excerpt from the announcement:

Established in 2010 by Cristin Tierney, the Cristin Tierney Gallery was founded with a commitment to artist development, collection advisory services, and arts education. Under the new partnership, Tierney Gardarin Gallery will focus on creating an environment that moves beyond the white box model, exploring critical theory and art historical themes. Through the partnership, and with the collaboration of guest curators, Tierney Gardarin Gallery aims to present museum quality exhibitions by working with mid-career artists and under-recognized contemporary art movements.

The gallery’s roster is comprised of a diverse range of emerging and mid-career artists, including but not limited to, Peter Campus, Joe Fig, Malia Jensen, Alois Kronschlaeger, Marman and Borins, Jean Shin, and Jorge Tacla. The estate of Geraldo de Barros and the artist Ryan Mosley will be added to the gallery’s roster, and Mosley will have his first solo New York exhibition at the gallery opening on June 27, 2013.


Congratulations to Cristin Tierney and Denis Gardarin

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