Aldo Chaparro

I am so thrilled to be showing with Aldo Chaparro for The drawing. The painting. The sculpture. at his project space in Mexico City. As the press release mentions, my friend Mathias Kessler has known Aldo for many years and was surprised to see such similarities in our work, though we had never met. Mathias invited me to be a part of this two-person show and last week, I arrived in Mexico City with Florencia to meet Aldo for the first time. I cannot tell you how amazing our time here has been. Aldo has been a great host, inviting me to stay at his home and work in his studio. I am extremely grateful for all he has done, and though it has only been a short time, I now consider Aldo a dear friend.

To give you some background, Aldo is originally from Lima, Peru and lives and works in Mexico City. Having worked as not only as an artist but also as a magazine editor and creative director in several areas of pop culture, Aldo combines his art with influences from different disciplines, including music, industrial design, editing, and writing. He manipulates his works to engage in a dialogue with the audience about time, space, experience, and memory. This manipulation and exploration ultimately reveals the true, banal nature of the appeal of pop imagery.


Aldo Chaparro

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