My sincerest thanks

The jury is in and I am so honored to have been awarded the 2D prize by Tyler Green for ArtPrize 2012. Going into this year’s exhibition, I had no expectations of winning – all I wanted to do was put on a great show. My dealer, Cristin Tierney, challenged me to further my work, to use this wonderful opportunity SiTE:LAB afforded to expand my use of materials, scale, and concept. Plus, I was so lucky to have such a unique venue to exhibit where I had the freedom to try out new ideas.

I am extremely grateful to all the people who helped make Habitat happen including Bob Rogers, James Balkon, Lucia Minniti, Augustín Podesta, and Dave Prinsen, to Paul Amenta, Tom Clinton and Grant Carmichael for inviting me to exhibit, to all the SiTE:LAB artists for being a part of an amazing exhibition, to Gayle DeBruyn for her hospitality, to Tyler Green and Lisa Freiman for their nominations, to Jerry Saltz for the hilarious photograph, to Cristin Tierney and Maria Kucinski for all their direction and motivation, and to Florencia Minniti for all her support.

And finally, my sincerest thanks to everyone who visited, participated and engaged with Habitat. Cheers to you!

Alois Kronschlaeger Make it Happen 01

Alois Kronschlaeger Make it Happen 02

My sincerest thanks

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