Jerry Saltz explores Habitat

Although I wasn’t there to see him, New York Magazine Art Critic and my former professor, Jerry Saltz stopped by SiTE:LAB and explored Habitat. He took this photo within the Moose Diorama (getting my vote for the most creative pose yet) and described SiTE:LAB as, “Derelict & shuttered 1938 natural history museum in Grand Rapids. Best location for an art show that I have E V E R seen in this country.” Thanks, Jerry!

Jerry Saltz Alois Kronschlaeger Habitat Moose Diorama

Jerry Saltz explores Habitat

One thought on “Jerry Saltz explores Habitat

  1. I was so interested in your “Process” explanation of “Habitat 2012” and congratulate you heartily on winning the Juror award for 2 Dimension Art at Art Prize. . Your work also provided me and my family a surprising bonus by giving new exposure to the background paintings by Elizabeth Gustafson (1901-1988) . She was first employed as a WPA artist and finally staff artist after the Art Deco style museum was built during the Depression. When the new museum was built and the old one abandoned, the dioramas were pretty much gutted of animals etc. but the paintings remained but hidden away.

    I was amazed that the replacement of bulbs and your lovely work resulted in her work once again on display. I too credit Site: Lab but also your foresight in utilizing the diorama spaces in which to display your creations.

    I can’t tell you how meaningful it has been to visit the Mammal Hall after so many years, to see your art featured in the foreground with Mrs. Gustafson’s paintings again exposed behind. She was my dear talented
    mother, so I have many fond memories of her days spent working at the museum. Thank you for affording me the chance to view her work again in concert with you own creations.It has been a pleasure beyond description.

    Sincerely, Irma Gustafson Cornelius
    Please forward to Alois Kronschlaegers, Mr.Saltz

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