Touchscreen technology at SiTE:LAB

Grant Carmichael demonstrates the innovative use of touchscreen technology to showcase the work of the artists exhibiting at SiTE:LAB.

Spire Grant Carmichael

Spire Touchscreen

Touchscreen technology at SiTE:LAB

One thought on “Touchscreen technology at SiTE:LAB

  1. Glad you like! Thanks for highlighting this, I was happy to see the kiosks get so much use and help with sharing the story of the pieces.

    Big thanks to the stellar SiTE:LAB tech team:
    Steve Miller, Josh Halstead and Gene Halsey of TouchRevolution and Tim Todish onscreen
    Sara Molina, Tim Stoepker and Robert J Rogers on the housing
    The Artists, Tom Wagner and Scott Vander Schel of Storming the Castle Pictures, Terry Johnston and Doug Lang, Will Hartwell and the Red Pigeon gang for the content
    Marcel Thibert for networking us up!

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